Dreaming the Future: The Role of Speculative Fiction in Shaping Education – Part 2

In Part 1 of this post we considered how speculative fiction might help us to imagine and move towards our preferred educational futures.   This year, the Postdigital Science and Education journal published a collection of speculative vignettes, or ‘education fictions’ (Hrastinski & Jandrić, 2023). Three of these were written by academics in the BusinessContinue reading “Dreaming the Future: The Role of Speculative Fiction in Shaping Education – Part 2”

Reconnect at ASCILITE 2022

The annual ASCILITE conference is happening at the University of Sydney on Gadigal land, exploring the theme: Reconnecting relationships through technology. This will be an important opportunity for the higher education sector to come together around innovation, practice and research in educational technology. We acknowledge the conference organising committee for their hard work bringing togetherContinue reading “Reconnect at ASCILITE 2022”

The place we speak from: Negotiating positionality in higher education

As researchers who produce new knowledge, and as educators who communicate and build learning communities around systems of knowledge, we always speak from a particular position. This position is constructed by and through the various intersections that make up our identity, including our experience of gender, class, race, age, and ability (Crenshaw, 2017).  At theContinue reading “The place we speak from: Negotiating positionality in higher education”

Growing student learning communities through peer learning

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased feelings of social isolation and stress that some students, especially international students, can experience during their university studies (Sadasivan, 2021). Research shows that teaching strategies that make use of peer learning (Boud, 2001) not only benefit student learning outcomes, but also have positive impacts on student well-being and engagement (RientiesContinue reading “Growing student learning communities through peer learning”

Co-designing research

How can a co-design approach be applied to research? What co-designed research projects are currently happening across the University of Sydney? Are there common challenges colleagues are experiencing? These were some of the questions in mind when I registered to attend the recent Co-designing Research seminar series presented by Sydney Policy Lab and the ResearchContinue reading “Co-designing research”