Research in the backyard: Integrating research & evaluation to (re)shape Business Education

The University of Sydney Business School’s: Disruptive Innovations in Business Education Research Group (DI BERG) mission is to “interrogate the future of business education and how the forces that shape the role and focus of Business Schools influences how we design for a better education”. This blog will show how targeted program evaluation data canContinue reading “Research in the backyard: Integrating research & evaluation to (re)shape Business Education”

Working Together: The Benefits of Providing Choice in Topic Selection

In recent years, there has been a shift in the educational landscape towards a more student-centered approach to learning. This means that educators are increasingly looking for ways to involve students in the design and delivery of their own education. One way to do this is through student-staff partnerships (Felten et al., 2014), where studentsContinue reading “Working Together: The Benefits of Providing Choice in Topic Selection”

Unleashing your inner co-design pirate to find buried treasure

Q: How do you know you’re a pirate? A: You just know you RRRR Collaboratively developing a course over several semesters can be an arduous process. Sometimes we need constructive fun to push the development process to the next level. As echoed in the title of an upcoming University of Sydney Business Schools Learning &Continue reading “Unleashing your inner co-design pirate to find buried treasure”

Promoting Connectedness through Peer Mentor Support

During the lockdown of 2020, promoting connections and a sense of belonging became challenging. Leading in a Post-Covid World (LPC) was an intracurricular initiative run fully online in Semester 2, 2020, at the University of Sydney Business School. The program provided opportunities for students to develop their leadership  and team skills during the COVID-19 lockdownContinue reading “Promoting Connectedness through Peer Mentor Support”

The classroom is a living community

Business Co-Design’s student intern, Sydney Haddad, sat down to speak with the latest winner of the Wayne Lonergan Award for Outstanding Teaching. This annual award recognises excellence, innovation and impact in teaching and learning at the University of Sydney Business School. Sydney talked with the inspiring Corina Raduescu from the Business Information Systems discipline aboutContinue reading “The classroom is a living community”

A Learning & Teaching Transformation Project

Connected Learning at Scale (CLaS) is a Business School strategic priority that aims to transform the teaching and learning experience in our large cohort units. The project is led by Associate Professor Peter Bryant and his recent blog post series introduces his philosophical reasoning and the complex ecosystem underpinning the project’s design. The Business Co-designContinue reading “A Learning & Teaching Transformation Project”

Co-designing research

How can a co-design approach be applied to research? What co-designed research projects are currently happening across the University of Sydney? Are there common challenges colleagues are experiencing? These were some of the questions in mind when I registered to attend the recent Co-designing Research seminar series presented by Sydney Policy Lab and the ResearchContinue reading “Co-designing research”

CLaS light touch project: scaling up educational co-design process

The challenge Connected Learning at Scale (CLaS) is a significant longitudinal project initiated in 2019 by the University of Sydney Business School aiming to enhance the learning experience for students in large undergraduate and postgraduate classes. Three of us work at Business Co-Design, a team of educational developers, learning designers and media producers, who areContinue reading “CLaS light touch project: scaling up educational co-design process”

Co-Design Research Group – year in review

As the end of the year approaches, we look back at the events and contributions of our membership to transforming education and the student experience in business. This year our membership grew to 63 members from across the Business School and beyond. As a collective, we have achieved a variety of outputs from journal articles (circaContinue reading “Co-Design Research Group – year in review”