Growing student learning communities through peer learning

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased feelings of social isolation and stress that some students, especially international students, can experience during their university studies (Sadasivan, 2021). Research shows that teaching strategies that make use of peer learning (Boud, 2001) not only benefit student learning outcomes, but also have positive impacts on student well-being and engagement (RientiesContinue reading “Growing student learning communities through peer learning”

Academic Hero (学霸)

There are ongoing challenges for both academics and students because of the diversities in tertiary classrooms (Heng, 2021). Chinese international students experience academic stress (Yan & Berliner, 2010) and can struggle to make a successful transition from the Chinese educational system and pedagogical practices into Western tertiary classrooms and learning environments (Jiang & Smith, 2009).Continue reading “Academic Hero (学霸)”