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A photo showing the central staircase of the University of Sydney's Business School which is called the 'Abercrombie building'. Students are walking up the staircase, congregating and chatting in the corridors on their way to class.
Photo: Abercrombie Building

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We look forward to sharing research and practice from colleagues near and far.

Why This Blog?

Our blog highlights the challenges, opportunities, and experiences defining and shaping business education across higher education, locally and globally.   

What should a Business School and its education portfolio look like in 2032? Who are our students and what kinds of education and experience do they want (need) from a Business School?  These are critical questions. 

Who We Are

Based at the University of Sydney Business School, we are an inclusive and transdisciplinary community of academic staff and educational professionals, who are committed to better understanding education through engaged and impactful research.

Learn more about our Co-Directors and group members at Disrupting the future landscape of business education.


We welcome blog posts on the changing nature of business education from across the University and other institutions, informed by research. Opinion pieces and case studies of practice are welcome too.


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