Reimagining the student experience

Our understanding of people who study at universities, and their experiences, are often shaped by a range of context-specific and broader demographic categories. Targeting specific groupings are often central to university agendas, policy and funding; and are informed by large quantitative datasets on student experience. Whilst important, overemphasis of these categories have particular implications forContinue reading “Reimagining the student experience”

Belonging & Learning: How important is belonging to our students?

The Work, Live, Play, Learn (WLPL) project uses academic literature and qualitative research with university students to analyse student belonging on a theoretical and applied level. Using data from the University of Sydney Business School the blog explores two learning modes and discusses them in relation to belonging.

Python + Ed: code for collaborative learning 

The University of Sydney offers a collaborative educational experience between students and lecturers by integrating innovative technologies into the teaching toolkit. The application of Python, a computer programming language, alongside Ed, a digital learning platform, offers the opportunity to enhance the learning experience by improving student engagement. The increased uptake of coding within the UniversityContinue reading “Python + Ed: code for collaborative learning “

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