2021: Our Top Ten Blog Posts

2021, what a year! Lockdown was tough for higher education and we missed seeing our students.

One bright spot has been the stories our colleagues have shared with us. Here’s a fond look back at our top ten blog posts since we launched this blog in April 2021.

# 10 Python in Education

Coding in business education is increasingly important. Dr Steve Tierney talks about his teaching approach in Python + ED: Code for Collaborative Learning. Student Michael also shares his experience of learning how to code in this new environment.  

#9 Immersive Learning

How to design authentic experiences in physical places in a pandemic? Dr Wei Li explains how she helped students learn through encounters with executives and entrepreneurs in An Ecosystem Approach to Immersed Business Education.

#8 Teachers: R U OK?

Emotions and The Impact of Emotional Labour on Teachers in teaching are often overlooked. So Dr Steven Hitchcock interviewed Dr Saul Karnovsky to unpack his important research in this area.

#7 Design Thinking for Large Classes

Design Thinking is a popular innovation process in business. In this blog post, research around Design Thinking in a large-scale higher education case study is introduced: Design Thinking Differently

#6 Learning is Emotional

Learning is social. Students need time, space and care to feel safe, to engage and to learn. Let’s make learning addictive. Read more in Emotional Highs: 5 Ways to Meaningfully Engage University Students.

#5 Energetic Teaching

Re-energised Teaching showcases a a research project with Accounting and Business Information Systems educators and students. Because we all need to better understand the rapid transition to remote online teaching and learning due to COVID-19.

#4 Zoom Rooms

There certainly was a lot of drama in 2021. But not so much in Zoom rooms. Business educators had the chance to learn about engaging a virtual room in a National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) workshop in the hope of Bringing Drama to Zoom Rooms.

#3 Scalable Designs

The third most popular blog post was on Design patterns for Connected Learning at Scale. It introduces a Connected Learning at Scale (CLaS) project that offers educators practical design ideas to implement in teaching. 

#2 Avatar Educators

Coming in at number two: Avatars, digital humans and the new ‘faces’ of educational media. Here, the Business Co-design media team talks about using characters or avatars to engage students in video.

#1 Hybrid Spaces

Our top story makes a whole lot of sense for 2021: Making the most of the spaces we have: Design principles for successful hybrid and hyflex learning. We outlined a framework for space agnostic learning design, with tips and resources for designing such spaces.


Our team hopes you had a fun and restful holiday season … and wishes you a less interesting 2022, pandemic-wise. Please reach out to us to contribute your research and praxis to this blog. We love to read your stories.

About the author

Carmen is an educational designer, researcher, and writer based on Wangal land in Sydney, Australia. Lurks on twitter and LinkedIn @cjvallis.

Published by Carmen Vallis

Carmen is an educational designer, researcher, and writer based on Wangal land in Sydney, Australia. Lurks on twitter and LinkedIn @cjvallis.

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