Dreaming the Future: The Role of Speculative Fiction in Shaping Education – Part 2

In Part 1 of this post we considered how speculative fiction might help us to imagine and move towards our preferred educational futures.   This year, the Postdigital Science and Education journal published a collection of speculative vignettes, or ‘education fictions’ (Hrastinski & Jandrić, 2023). Three of these were written by academics in the BusinessContinue reading “Dreaming the Future: The Role of Speculative Fiction in Shaping Education – Part 2”

The future of education: Is it in the Basement?

Having shiny new EdTech tools is all well and good. Brilliant even. That is, if we assume that all have equal access to this tech-power, which as we know, is not the case. As we saw in the pandemic, our places, our learning spaces differ enormously. As educators and students, we need to talk aboutContinue reading “The future of education: Is it in the Basement?”

Learning Spaces (#ourplace)

#OurPlace2020 was a project that fostered belonging and connection in the Business School community while Covid-19 was changing our world. In April 2020, the Business Co-Design team asked students to connect with others in lockdown by sharing their study spaces. We invited students to share tips for staying motivated via multiple social media channels  withContinue reading “Learning Spaces (#ourplace)”

2021: Our Top Ten Blog Posts

2021, what a year! Lockdown was tough for higher education and we missed seeing our students. One bright spot has been the stories our colleagues have shared with us. Here’s a fond look back at our top ten blog posts since we launched this blog in April 2021. # 10 Python in Education Coding inContinue reading “2021: Our Top Ten Blog Posts”

The business of learning and teaching: being great humans

Day one of the Business School Learning and Teaching forum began with a warm and insightful welcome from Yvonne Weldon, Chairperson from the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council. Her welcome reminded us that our event must be “for the people, with the people’. Then Professor Greg Whitwell, Dean, set the stage by celebrating the massiveContinue reading “The business of learning and teaching: being great humans”

Co-designing learning that isn’t remote

How did lockdown impact your educational practice? Recently colleagues and I reflected on this question about pandemic disruption for a special issue of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. When the coronavirus first hit Sydney in 2020, ed tech and learning design skills were needed in a hurry and there was less timeContinue reading “Co-designing learning that isn’t remote”

Design Thinking Differently

Do you practice design thinking? Do you teach it? What Is Design Thinking? This is a big question that many design experts have already written about. You can find a general overview in this blog post: What is Design Thinking and Why Is It So Popular? Here we talk about introductory design thinking for business in higher education.  Why Do It?  Design thinking is nowContinue reading “Design Thinking Differently”

Bringing Drama to Zoom Rooms

In pandemic times, engaging students is more critical than ever. Could bringing drama to Zoom help? What can teachers learn from the dramatic arts about engaging students and avoiding Zoombie experiences? University of Sydney Business School colleagues and I were lucky to attend a National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) workshop on engaging a virtualContinue reading “Bringing Drama to Zoom Rooms”

Learning Design, Student Choice

How to design engaging online environments where students choose activities and their own path through learning? This is what our team set out to discover, well before COVID-19 and lockdown hit higher education.   If you’ve used Canvas before, you’ll know that it is structured in a modular,  sequential way.  That structure is sometimes limiting. Students rarely start at the same point and progress in a linear way from learning outcomes to a teacher-definedContinue reading “Learning Design, Student Choice”