Breakout Warrior: Engaging Online Learners in Ways Not Possible In-Person

Many would agree that the most effective online teachers leverage technology to enhance their teaching methods rather than simply attempting to replicate in-person instruction. We learnt quickly that remote learners tend to be more engaged when the technology supports interactivity and fosters creativity. In this post, business academic Terry Wickenden reflects on four strategies heContinue reading “Breakout Warrior: Engaging Online Learners in Ways Not Possible In-Person”

Bringing Drama to Zoom Rooms

In pandemic times, engaging students is more critical than ever. Could bringing drama to Zoom help? What can teachers learn from the dramatic arts about engaging students and avoiding Zoombie experiences? University of Sydney Business School colleagues and I were lucky to attend a National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) workshop on engaging a virtualContinue reading “Bringing Drama to Zoom Rooms”