One to many: a new paradigm for student feedback and engagement

The University of Sydney Business School is piloting a new system for delivering media-rich feedback to students with the aim of enhancing engagement and personalisation. A custom process has been developed that allows educators to create stratified video feedback quickly and at scale. Augmenting one of the text-based feedback systems currently used in the School withContinue reading “One to many: a new paradigm for student feedback and engagement”

Avatars, digital humans and the new ‘faces’ of educational media

As facial recognition technologies, animation and 3D modelling software become more powerful and commonplace, we’re seeing breakthroughs in how—and who—presents media to camera. Developments in 2D and 3D avatars, dubbed ‘digital humans’ at the photoreal end of the spectrum, create possibilities to re-think the presenter when it comes to delivering educational videos. Academics supported byContinue reading “Avatars, digital humans and the new ‘faces’ of educational media”

Learning Design for Statistics

How do you produce thorough, engaging online modules for a first-year introductory statistics unit? Planning and a shared approach helps, as does a considered approach to technology. Introduction BUSS1020 Quantitative Business Analysis is a core first year unit, offered in the University of Sydney Business School’s, Business Analytics discipline – delivered across 13 weeks. TheseContinue reading “Learning Design for Statistics”