Entangled pedagogy, design and the messiness of education

In a recently published open access paper on “entangled pedagogy” (Fawns, 2022), I presented a diagram of a few views of the relationship between technology and pedagogy. This was an attempt to show some problems with emphasising one over the other (e.g. putting technology or pedagogy first or last). I sympathise with the desire ofContinue reading “Entangled pedagogy, design and the messiness of education”

Future Makers – Crowdsourcing for Learning

The University of Sydney Business School has piloted crowdsourcing for learning in a 9-week challenge called Future Makers. We invited all students in the School to join an extra-curricular online community. We asked what they think are the critical global, local and personal challenges of the future and how their education can best equip themContinue reading “Future Makers – Crowdsourcing for Learning”