Navigating the dissonances of authenticity in assessment: (Re)defining authentic assessment in business education (part 2)

As we discussed in the first part of this blog, the practices of assessment in higher education have been problematic for decades. From a student experience perspective, assessment is the root cause of significant institutional administration burden and stress. It is also at the centre of student angst in the form of appeals, academic integrityContinue reading “Navigating the dissonances of authenticity in assessment: (Re)defining authentic assessment in business education (part 2)”

Meet Sara, a young student researcher at USyd

I am on the Executive Group of the Australasian Council of Undergraduate Research (ACUR Council), a not-for profit member association that promotes undergraduate research opportunities and supports universities in better supporting young research talent. Apart from showcasing undergraduate research work at the Parliament House in Canberra, running colloquia for staff working with UG talent, theContinue reading “Meet Sara, a young student researcher at USyd”

Connecting with industry made easy

Why is it so important to engage with industry partners?To provide authentic high-impact learning and engagement opportunities for our students and academics. As our students have reflected in their feedback, work-integrated learning (WIL) experiences are “invaluable” and “significantly worthwhile in preparing for employability.” In addition to the students learning to apply their developing knowledge and skills,Continue reading “Connecting with industry made easy”

Virtual Agile Processes: a ‘business not as usual’ approach for group projects at scale

During Covid’s summer break at the end of 2020, the great educational buzz was about how to create a sense of community among our online learners and how to better engage and facilitate learning using virtual tools. Moreover, consistent with the Business School’s recent approach to pedagogical developments, solutions to these problems should be ‘atContinue reading “Virtual Agile Processes: a ‘business not as usual’ approach for group projects at scale”

R U OK? The impact of emotional labour on teachers

Managing emotional labour is challenging due to the complexity of antecedents and moderating variables. However, several strategies can be undertaken to help teachers mitigate the negative consequences of emotional labour (Weaver, Allen, & Byrney, 2019; Yin, Huang, & Chen, 2019; Yin, Huang, & Lee, 2017)

Transforming the online learning experience

At Business Co-Design (BCD), academics, educational developers, learning technologists and learning designers work together to create engaging online learning experiences. As a digital learning designer, I evaluate the content of digital courses and advise academics on possible ways to transform the learning content into interactive online activities. Academics play their part as Subject Matter ExpertsContinue reading “Transforming the online learning experience”

Evaluation in Practice: How Do We Know What Works?

In last week’s blog post, Elaine Huber outlined research on evaluation which prompted us to respond to her questions about how evaluation is conducted in practice and what we have learnt from the process. At Business Co-Design (BCD), we have developed an evaluation framework to determine the success of educational developments, especially those being madeContinue reading “Evaluation in Practice: How Do We Know What Works?”

A Day in a Life of a Student Media Producer

Studying media has always been a fascinating experience for me, especially in writing and producing content for different platforms. Media encompasses so many aspects! From radio, television, cinema, newspapers, magazines to Internet-based websites such as blogs, education and so much more (Butcher, 2014). All those aspects of media makes it hard to choose which pathContinue reading “A Day in a Life of a Student Media Producer”

Student Social Isolation and University Life

Most students experience various forms of isolation during their studies. This can be a more or less persistent feeling that impacts students’ wellbeing and/or their capacity to fulfil their study potential. Whether the causes are academic, environmental, socio-cultural or health related, social isolation can be remedied at the point of crisis or as a preventativeContinue reading “Student Social Isolation and University Life”