Reimagining the student experience

Our understanding of people who study at universities, and their experiences, are often shaped by a range of context-specific and broader demographic categories. Targeting specific groupings are often central to university agendas, policy and funding; and are informed by large quantitative datasets on student experience. Whilst important, overemphasis of these categories have particular implications forContinue reading “Reimagining the student experience”

Belonging & Learning: How important is belonging to our students?

The Work, Live, Play, Learn (WLPL) project uses academic literature and qualitative research with university students to analyse student belonging on a theoretical and applied level. Using data from the University of Sydney Business School the blog explores two learning modes and discusses them in relation to belonging.

Framework for evaluating online assessment in business education: Trade-offs in promoting innovation

In the context of the rapid transition to fully online teaching and learning driven by COVID-19 (Ali, 2020), the Australian Business Deans Council commissioned a research project into online assessment in higher education in Australia. The cross-institutional project team consisted of members from the University of Sydney Business School, UTS Business and Chartered Accountants ANZ.Continue reading “Framework for evaluating online assessment in business education: Trade-offs in promoting innovation”

Evaluation for Learning

Evaluation is a loaded term. Some see it solely from a judgment perspective and disdain the process. Others see it from a learning perspective and welcome it.  Evaluation comes in all shapes and sizes. Depending on our approach, and perhaps shaped by our disciplinary perspectives, we tend to determine how and whether (if at all)Continue reading “Evaluation for Learning”