The future of education: Is it in the Basement?

Having shiny new EdTech tools is all well and good. Brilliant even. That is, if we assume that all have equal access to this tech-power, which as we know, is not the case. As we saw in the pandemic, our places, our learning spaces differ enormously. As educators and students, we need to talk aboutContinue reading “The future of education: Is it in the Basement?”

The Joy of Learning and Teaching

In preparation for our upcoming Learning and Teaching Forum here at the University of Sydney Business School, we introduce this year’s theme of ‘joy’. Challenge and reward Learning and teaching in higher education can be both a challenging and rewarding experience for educators and students alike. Whilst memories of teaching and learning during the pandemicContinue reading “The Joy of Learning and Teaching”

Waterfalls, wineries and wisdom

I’ve finally broken the conference drought. Well of course there’s been lots of online conference attendance these past few years, but networking in the coffee queue, laughs over lunch and dancing at the conference dinner have been well missed. So given the opportunity to take a small plane to Armidale for the annual ASCILITE conferenceContinue reading “Waterfalls, wineries and wisdom”