Gamifying Hybrid Classes for Student Engagement

Hybrid classes may have increased in quantity but not quality post Covid-19 Before the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) literature discussed a move to hybrid classes, however this was not a very common research concern (Bates, 2019). Post-Covid, discussion of teaching and learning in hybrid modes has grown rapidly.Continue reading “Gamifying Hybrid Classes for Student Engagement”

Designing Digitally Engaging Courses and Activities

Have you received student feedback that indicates disengagement with their Canvas activities? You are not alone and this feedback provides an opportunity for reflection and improvement, revising how your online courses are digitally designed and presented. If you have an interest in educational technologies and curriculum design methodologies to enhance the student experience, this isContinue reading “Designing Digitally Engaging Courses and Activities”

Re-energised Teaching

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to transition to remote online teaching and learning. Our research project involved conducting surveys and interviews throughout 2020 with educators and students from the Accounting and Business Information Systems disciplines to better understand this transition. Looking back what has been the experience of educators and students and where toContinue reading “Re-energised Teaching”