Unleashing your inner co-design pirate to find buried treasure

Q: How do you know you’re a pirate? A: You just know you RRRR Collaboratively developing a course over several semesters can be an arduous process. Sometimes we need constructive fun to push the development process to the next level. As echoed in the title of an upcoming University of Sydney Business Schools Learning &Continue reading “Unleashing your inner co-design pirate to find buried treasure”

Co-designing learning that isn’t remote

How did lockdown impact your educational practice? Recently colleagues and I reflected on this question about pandemic disruption for a special issue of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. When the coronavirus first hit Sydney in 2020, ed tech and learning design skills were needed in a hurry and there was less timeContinue reading “Co-designing learning that isn’t remote”

Design Thinking Differently

Do you practice design thinking? Do you teach it? What Is Design Thinking? This is a big question that many design experts have already written about. You can find a general overview in this blog post: What is Design Thinking and Why Is It So Popular? Here we talk about introductory design thinking for business in higher education.  Why Do It?  Design thinking is nowContinue reading “Design Thinking Differently”