Individualised authentic assessments: Stress-tested in critical times

With the sudden closure of face-to-face teaching with COVID-19 in early 2020 … there was mayhem as universities around the world suddenly and unexpectedly went fully online. Sangster et al (2020) documented this well for accounting subjects. Educators and students alike felt stressed, isolated, unsupported and mourned the loss of their sense of community. PlannedContinue reading “Individualised authentic assessments: Stress-tested in critical times”

Reimagining First Year Accounting with a Practical Connection

How can we connect with students who have little business experience and ensure they develop the necessary skills to become capable professionals? As business academics and practitioners, we grapple with this issue every semester. At the end of 2022, we presented our story of making practical connections with students at the ASCILITE Conference. The PractitionerContinue reading “Reimagining First Year Accounting with a Practical Connection”

What Language Problem?

Teaching International Financial Reporting Standards to International Students Do you sense that your students don’t understand what you’re saying? Do you sometimes struggle to understand what your students are saying? If the answers to both these questions are yes, a language barrier may exist. The language barrier may be due to both the technical vocabularyContinue reading “What Language Problem?”