Learning at Scale conference: Reflections

In this post, we share highlights from the annual conference on Learning at Scale. In addition to exploring keynote addresses by Professor Simon Buckingham-Shum and Professor Oleksandra Poquet and unveiling two collaborative work-in-progress papers presented by the authors, we offer insights into the emerging discussions and innovations that are shaping the future of learning atContinue reading “Learning at Scale conference: Reflections”

Exploring Innovations and Inclusion in Assessment Practices

The Assessment in Higher Education conference leads the development of assessment for learning in higher education and ran for two days last week in Manchester UK. With around 300 delegates from across the globe this is one of the biggest dedicated international conferences for assessment and feedback. I presented our project on designing quality onlineContinue reading “Exploring Innovations and Inclusion in Assessment Practices”

The Joy of Learning & Teaching – Part 2

This week marks the completion of our 5th annual Learning and Teaching Forum at the University of Sydney Business School. Our theme this year was, as our title states, the joy of learning and teaching. And what a joyous occasion it was. Playful learning After a very heartfelt welcome to country by Aunty Joan BellContinue reading “The Joy of Learning & Teaching – Part 2”

Leveraging the possibilities of ‘learning at scale’: Future proofing business and management education

This call for papers invites submissions to a special issue of the Journal of Work Applied Management. We welcome practical case study-based articles that demonstrate quality learning experiences in large business and management learning contexts. We also invite conceptual, empirical and viewpoint pieces. At scale contexts Work-applied management methods such as action learning, work-based orContinue reading “Leveraging the possibilities of ‘learning at scale’: Future proofing business and management education”

The Joy of Learning and Teaching

In preparation for our upcoming Learning and Teaching Forum here at the University of Sydney Business School, we introduce this year’s theme of ‘joy’. Challenge and reward Learning and teaching in higher education can be both a challenging and rewarding experience for educators and students alike. Whilst memories of teaching and learning during the pandemicContinue reading “The Joy of Learning and Teaching”

At Scale Immersive Learning ‘Events’

There is growing consensus that didactic lectures are primarily a thing of the past and more active and collaborative delivery methods provide deeper and long lasting learning. In this blog post, Peter Bryant (Jan, 2022) details the causes and effects of magnification and multiplication in higher education. Bryant describes solutions such as Connected Learning asContinue reading “At Scale Immersive Learning ‘Events’”

Framework for evaluating online assessment in business education: Trade-offs in promoting innovation

In the context of the rapid transition to fully online teaching and learning driven by COVID-19 (Ali, 2020), the Australian Business Deans Council commissioned a research project into online assessment in higher education in Australia. The cross-institutional project team consisted of members from the University of Sydney Business School, UTS Business and Chartered Accountants ANZ.Continue reading “Framework for evaluating online assessment in business education: Trade-offs in promoting innovation”

A Learning & Teaching Transformation Project

Connected Learning at Scale (CLaS) is a Business School strategic priority that aims to transform the teaching and learning experience in our large cohort units. The project is led by Associate Professor Peter Bryant and his recent blog post series introduces his philosophical reasoning and the complex ecosystem underpinning the project’s design. The Business Co-designContinue reading “A Learning & Teaching Transformation Project”

Co-Design Research Group – year in review

As the end of the year approaches, we look back at the events and contributions of our membership to transforming education and the student experience in business. This year our membership grew to 63 members from across the Business School and beyond. As a collective, we have achieved a variety of outputs from journal articles (circaContinue reading “Co-Design Research Group – year in review”

Waterfalls, wineries and wisdom

I’ve finally broken the conference drought. Well of course there’s been lots of online conference attendance these past few years, but networking in the coffee queue, laughs over lunch and dancing at the conference dinner have been well missed. So given the opportunity to take a small plane to Armidale for the annual ASCILITE conferenceContinue reading “Waterfalls, wineries and wisdom”