About the Disruptive Innovations in Business Education Blog


Welcome readers to our new Blog where we will highlight the latest research in the field of Business Education. We welcome input in the form of comments, feedback, and posts from across the higher education sector. 

The COVID pandemic has given us the opportunity to examine how we educate through new lenses. Whilst online learning is not new, the need to offer hybrid or hyflex options to students is growing rapidly. The move away from long didactic lectures delivered in a large ‘theatre’ and towards shorter media rich experiences delivered online is another area of animated discussion.

We frame our investigations here in the University of Sydney Business School around the following four pillars of research activity:

1.      Co-design of Innovative pedagogical practices in business education and student experience 

Evaluating activities, technologies and practices that challenge dominant business teaching and learning. Areas of interest include gamification, student-design and co-production and the use of AI in Higher Education. 

2.      Evaluation of pedagogical innovation for large group teaching in business education 

Evaluating and understanding the impacts of pedagogical interventions specifically focussed on large group teaching and developments. 

3.      Engaging in strategic pedagogical and student experience change in business education

Interrogating approaches to enabling and delivering strategic pedagogical change in business education. Topics for investigation include online exams and utilisation of new learning and teaching spaces.

4.      Participatory learning, student experience and students as partners in business education 

Identifying, interpreting and enabling the student voice in business education. We have a strong foundation in projects such as Work. Live. Play. Learn, where we have been working with students to understand the critical global, local and personal challenges that impact their lives. We are also looking at social isolation and connection for students studying at scale.

Whilst we are primarily focussed on research we also welcome posts on practice and particularly posts from students. 

We look forward to sharing research and practice from colleagues near and far and invite you to connect with us here, on Twitter @DIBE_USYD or by email: disrupt.busedu@sydney.edu.au